Mixer Flex (Tall Nippel) M/F

56.53.020Mixer Flex 3/8” Tall Nippel 20 cm
56.52.030Mixer Flex 3/8” Tall Nippel 30 cm
56.53.040Mixer Flex 3/8” Tall Nippel 40 cm
56.53.050Mixer Flex 3/8” Tall Nippel 50 cm
56.53.060Mixer Flex 3/8” Tall Nippel 60 cm
56.53.070Mixer Flex 3/8” Tall Nippel 70 cm
56.53.090Mixer Flex 3/8” Tall Nippel 90 cm
56.57.010Mixer Flex 1/2” Tall Nippel 10 cm
56.57.020Mixer Flex 1/2” Tall Nippel 20 cm
56.57.030 Mixer Flex 1/2” Tall Nippel 30 cm
56.57.040 Mixer Flex 1/2” Tall Nippel 40 cm
56.57.050 Mixer Flex 1/2” Tall Nippel 50 cm
56.57.060 Mixer Flex 1/2” Tall Nippel 60 cm
56.57.070 Mixer Flex 1/2” Tall Nippel 70 cm
56.57.090 Mixer Flex 1/2” Tall Nippel 90 cm

Mixer Flex (Tall Nippel) M/F

Stainless flex hoses are manufactured from special stainless sheet strips having the content stated in TSE and EN ISO European standards. Several material types are referred to in the relevant standards. So in order to explain the issue simpler, we will mention only the common types, known as 304/304L, 316/316L

The stainless hoses have a melting point of approximately 1400-1450 degrees Celsius (⁰C). Therefore, they are very resistant against a possible fire.

The outer coatings (tube) have no fire-preventive specification. The coating is expected to protect the hose against cleaning chemicals and not to pose any breathing hazard by releasing the hazardous chemicals it contains.

They must be subjected to all type of tests such as mechanical, chemical, thermal, etc. stated in the standard(s) depending on the intended use of finished products.

If the area of usage is not limited to a specific standard, the customer can request to put the product to test in conformity with TS EN 10380 flex hose general standard or any kind of special test.

The manufacturers become entitled to receive certificates from relevant institutions for the products which pass these tests successfully.
We strongly recommend the users to pay attention to these certifications with priority.

Note: In this document, we will be addressing the products as “hose” and “flexible hose assembly”. “Hose” is used for the ones without any welded fittings.

Made in Turkey

First Class Material
High Technology