PPR Pex-B Pipe

80.00.01616×2PPR Pex-B Pipe
80.01.01616×2PPR Pex-B Pipe
80.02.01616×2PPR Pex-B Pipe
81.00.016Oxygen BarrierPPR Pex-B Pipe
81.01.016Oxygen BarrierPPR Pex-B Pipe
81.02.016Oxygen BarrierPPR Pex-B Pipe

80.20.01616×2Pe-Rt Pipe
80.21.01616×2Pe-Rt Pipe
80.22.01616×2Pe-Rt Pipe
80.10.016Oxygen BarrierPe-Rt Pipe
80.11.016Oxygen BarrierPe-Rt Pipe
80.12.016Oxygen BarrierPe-Rt Pipe

PPR Pex-B Pipe / Pe-Rt Pipe

PPR PEX-B Pipe refers to cross linked polyethylene (PE-X). It is a polymeric material formed by the chemical joining of individual polyethylene molecules in a process called “crosslinking”, because cross linking alters the performance of the original polyethylene polymer improving its’ properties. The primary reason for cross linking the polyethylene (PE) is to increase the physical properties and materials’ elevated temperature performance under load.

This results in a structure that does not soften when high temperature is applied, thus raising the thermal stability of the material under load, which greatly increases the environmental stress crack resistance, resistance to slow crack growth due to deterioration of the material under continuous temperature use, chemical resistance, toughness and abrasion resistance.

Made in Turkey

First Class Material
High Technology