About Ball Valve – What is the Ball Valve?

What is the Ball Valve? The Ball Valve , is a quarter turn valve that to check the flow through, using a sphere with holes and turns. The hole of the sphere is off when it is flush with the...

KAS Brand Presentation Meeting – Cyprus

The in cooperation with ERKMAN Group and KAS , KAS brand products were introduced in Cyprus . The participated to the masters of the intallation in the seminar .We gave information about the products to our brand participant and...

What is the PPR? Where the PPR is used?

What is the PPR? PPR - C is abbreviation of “polypropylene random copolymer” Alright, what is the PPR ? The convertible Turkish version is “Polipropilen Rastgele Kopolimer”. Today, briefly, expressed as PPR that is irreplaceable solution against cold galvanized pipe for...

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