Extensible Gas and Water Hose F/F

32.10.02010-20cmExtensible Gas and Water Hose
32.20.04020-40cmExtensible Gas and Water Hose
32.32.06030-60cmExtensible Gas and Water Hose
32.50.10050-100cmExtensible Gas and Water Hose
32.75.15075-150cmExtensible Gas and Water Hose
32.10.200100-200cmExtensible Gas and Water Hose

1″ – 1″ Extensible Gas and Water Hose F/F


Flex Gas and Water Hose begins its manufacturing journey as ”stainless sheet strip” which is manufactured very precisely regarding its chemical content, cutting & surface quality, smoothness, thickness, etc.

Then, it is welded on a production line uninterruptedly with any method such as TIG, Laser, Plasma, etc. and it turns into a pipe. Afterwards, it becomes a flexible hose on the same line, with its corrugations on it, via hydraulic or mechanical forming. Right after this, it is subjected to a leakage test.

If it is going to be dispatched immediately after coiling and packing, then the “hose” becomes a product, e.g. solar flex hoses. On the other hand, if it is going to be delivered as a “ flexible hose assembly” it must pass through at least one of the stations mentioned below. During these processes, the semi-finished products are subjected to one or several leakage tests. In other words, each product will have been tested at least 2 times in total without any exceptions.

1- Welding the end pieces (fittings) such as nipple, coupling/sleeve (usage with union nut
– All kinds of flexible hose assemblies

2- Stainless steel wire braiding
– 14800 cooker flex

3- Annealing (For easy bending and for 100 % extensibility)
– 15266 Indoor gas flex
– 11353 Extensible flex

4- Tube (insulation) coating with transparent and opaque PVC, polyolefin/polyethylene, pvc+polyethylene foam materials
– 14800 Flex for Cooker Connection (Transparent PVC)
– 15266 Indoor Gas Flex (Opaque PVC)
– 10670 Flex for Combi Connection (Polyethylene/Polyolefin)
– 10878 Meter Connection Flex (Polyethylene/Polyolefin)
– 11353 Extensible Flex (Polyethylene/Polyolefin))
– Solar Flex (PVC+Polyethylene foam)

5- Closing
– 11353 Extensible Flex

Made in Turkey

Made in Turkey

First Class Material
First Class Material
High Technology
High Technology