Garden Bibcock

09.06.9211/2″Garden Bibcock
09.03.9223/4″Garden Bibcock
09.07.9211/2″Garden Bibcock
09.04.9223/4″Garden Bibcock


1- Be careful about not to damage product while transporting and shipping. Before mounting, do not open the packet of product due to
prevent the any impurities to enter the product.
2- Before mounting,make the system clean for any impurities
3- Be careful that the length of thread to be fixed to Garden bibcock ,must not be too much longer or too much shorter than thread
length of Garden bibcock.
4- While mounting, Grip the Garden bibcock with suitable wrench at the octagonal side.
5- Follow the arrow on the Lever while opening or closing. From opening to closing turn is quarter (90°)
6- Do not dye, not make Garden bibcock contact with corrosive,abrasive materials, not use any other tool for opening or closing except
its own lever, not unfix lever.

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Made in Turkey

Made in Turkey

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First Class Material
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