Insulated Flexible Hose For Combi Connections M/F

42.20.030¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas–Prot.Type-30cm
42.20.040¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas –Prot.Type-40cm
42.20.050¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas –Prot.Type-50cm
42.20.060¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas –Prot.Type-60cm
42.20.070¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas –Prot.Type-70cm
42.20.080¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas –Prot.Type-80cm
42.20.090¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas–Prot.Type-90cm
42.20.100¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas –Prot.Type-100cm
42.20.120¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas–Prot. Type-120cm
42.20.150¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas –Prot.Type-150cm
42.20.200 ¾”-¾” Flex for Combi connt.Gas –Prot.Type-200cm

Insulated Flexible Hose For Combi Connections M/F

Flex (flexible) stainless hoses have been serving us in miscellaneous areas such as combis and cookers in our houses, meters at the entrances of our flats, fountains, armatures and decorative indoor gas installations, which is getting popular day by day. In other words,they keep their distance but in reality, are very close to our lives and safety, for decades, thanks to its ease of installation and use, and long-lifetime against the corrosion.

Apart from these, flex hose (pipe) are used for general water installations, solar systems, boilers, and fan coil systems, Thanks to its flexible and corrosion resistant structure, they are preferred for all of the systems where difficult & time consuming adjustments vibration and corrosion are desired to be eliminated, and easy & fast installation is needed.

The main fluids flowing through them are natural gas and hot/cold water.

Polyethylene /Polyolefin: It has a soft and resistant structure. Thanks to its soft structure, it is used for all products where extra vacuumed coating is desired (Combi Flex, Extensible Flexes, Meter Flexes, etc.)

Made in Turkey

First Class Material
High Technology