Eurocone Connector: Revolutionizing Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating systems allow you to have modern living spaces by providing both comfort and energy savings. It offers a perfect solution in terms of aesthetics and economy. The life of underfloor heating systems, which you can use for many years, depends on the materials used during installation. The quality of the components used directly determines the installation and performance of these systems.

KAS, which has been producing since 1970, is a leading company in the heating and cooling sector in Turkey by offering reliable and high quality products. PE-RT pipes and Eurocone connections used in underfloor heating systems offer easy and safe use. In this article, we will examine KAS’s Eurocone Connector and talk about the advantages of this product for underfloor heating systems.

What is Connector Eurocone?

Eurocone is designed for connecting PE-RT pipes used in many areas, including underfloor heating systems, to manifolds or fittings. These connections increase the efficiency and performance of the system by allowing the pipes to be connected easily and securely.

  • 16 x 2 mm PE-RT Pipes

Eurocone connections can be safely preferred in floor heating manifolds where 16 x 2mm PE-RT pipes are used.

  • 20 x 2 mm Underfloor Heating Pipes

The 20 x ¾ PEX/PERT Eurocone compression adapter can be used to connect 20x2mm underfloor heating pipes to the manifolds. This adapter allows easy and secure connection of 20x2mm pipes.

  • EVOH PERT Pipes

KAS’s universal Eurocone pipe connectors are suitable for connecting both EVOH PERT and PERT-AL-PERT pipes to any 3/4″ manifold port. This allows users to connect different types of pipe to the same manifold.

The 16x2mm Eurocone fittings fit KAS’s PERT-AL-PERT Pipe – EVOH pipe range of 16mm and 20mm. These connections can be used as long as they are compatible in size and material of the pipes.

Advantages of Connector Eurocone

  1. Easy and quick installation: Eurocone connections enable fast and easy pipe connections. This allows heating systems to be installed and operational more quickly.
  2. Leak-proof: Eurocone connections provide a leak-proof connection, minimizing the risk of water leaks. This enhances the system’s efficiency and reliability.
  3. Wide compatibility: KAS’s Eurocone connections are compatible with various types of pipes. This allows users to connect different materials of pipes to the same manifolds, making systems more flexible and adaptable.
  4. Durability: Eurocone connections produced by KAS are made using high-quality materials. This ensures the products are durable and reliable for a long time.
  5. Energy savings: Leak-proof and reliable connections increase the energy efficiency of underfloor heating systems. This reduces energy consumption and saves homeowners money.


KAS’s Eurocone PE-RT Pipe Connectors ensure easy and secure connections of pipes used in underfloor heating systems. This enhances the system’s efficiency and performance while providing energy savings and comfort. With a wide range of products and competitive prices, KAS is a leader in the heating and cooling industry in Turkey.

The success and reliability of underfloor heating systems depend on the quality of the components used. KAS provides efficient, durable, and reliable heating systems by offering high-quality products like the Eurocone PE-RT Pipe Connector. Therefore, choosing Eurocone PE-RT Pipe Connectors for underfloor heating systems is a smart choice in terms of both long-term performance and energy savings.

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