KAS Telegram Channel

KAS Telegram Channel Opened

We started to share important developments regarding the sector and the latest developments related to KAS products in KAS Telegram Channel.

What’s on the KAS Telegram Channel?

  • Get instantly informed about KAS Blog content.
  • Polls where you can give your opinions
  • Useful information about the industry.
  • Suprise events.

In addition to these, you will be able to reach announcements from other social media channels in Telegram before.
Unline dense platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it is possible to be informed immediately of all developments.

How can I join the channel?

After installing the Telegram application on your phone, you can join at t.me/kascomtr

Is this service paid?

No. It is a completely free application.

Can the participants see other participants?

No. Participants can not see the information of other participants. Phone numbers, name information, profile photos, user information remain confidential. Whether or not to show your information is in your hands, you can do this in the settings section.

You may reach the KAS Telegram channel at t.me/kascomtr . If you are not a Telegram user, you may install the application on your phones right below:

Google Play: Download Telegram
App Store: Download Telegram

Made in Turkey

Made in Turkey

First Class Material
First Class Material
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High Technology