What is a Thermostatic Valve? How Does It Work?

Thermostatic valve is the name given to valves that control the flow of water in a way that is sensitive to temperature changes. This valve increases the efficiency of heating and cooling systems by controlling the circulation of cold air and hot air. It also saves energy and increases the level of comfort in homes. In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about the thermostatic valve, one of the most preferred products of the valve group.

What is a Thermostatic Valve?

Thermostatic valve is a mechanical valve with a temperature sensor. These valves, which are installed at the hot water inlet of the honeycombs, also known as radiators, keep the temperature of the environment in balance according to people’s preference. The temperature sensor measures the temperature inside the valve and allows the valve to open or close according to this value. In this way, changes in room temperature are automatically detected and the water flow is adjusted accordingly.

What are Thermostatic Valve Degrees? How to Adjust? (And How Are They Adjusted?

A straight thermostatic radiator valve usually operates in temperature ranges from 0°C to 28°C. However, some models can operate from -10°C to 30°C. The degree of the valve can be adjusted according to the user’s wishes and the type of system. However, a temperature setting of 15 degrees is the generally accepted lower temperature usage. Users can adjust the degree of the valve according to personal preferences or special health conditions.

The valves are very easy to adjust. Minimum flow is set using the screw at the bottom of the valve. This adjustment allows a faster response to temperature changes. Degree adjustments can be made according to levels from 1 to 5 on the valve. You can adjust the temperature by turning this adjustment dial on the sensor.

What Does a Thermostatic Valve Do?

The thermostatic valve controls the room temperature by adjusting the water flow according to temperature changes. In this way, the comfort level in homes increases and the household can be comfortable around the clock. However, controlling the room temperature also saves energy and balances the household budget. In addition, valves increase the efficiency of heating or cooling systems, providing faster and more homogeneous heating/cooling. As a result, these valves improve the quality of life and lead to a better life.

What are Thermostatic Valve Faults?

Thermostatic valves can cause some malfunctions due to their mechanical structure. They can cause some malfunctions due to their mechanical structure. The most common malfunctions include changing the temperature setting, water leakage, weakening of the water flow or failure of the valve to close completely. However, it is possible to prevent these malfunctions with proper maintenance and periodic cleaning.

What are the Advantages of Thermostatic Valves?

Thermostatic valves have many advantages. One of the most important advantages is energy saving. These valves automatically adjust the water flow according to the weather conditions, increasing the efficiency of heating or cooling systems and preventing unnecessary consumption. They also increase the level of comfort in homes and respond quickly to temperature changes. They also have the advantages of being long-lasting, made of durable materials and easy to use.

Which Considerations Should I Pay Attention to When Buying a Thermostatic Valve?

It is very important to choose a quality product when making a purchase. Features such as the suitability of the product for the system in which it will be used, degree range, flow setting, connection type should be carefully examined. For example, it should be checked whether the valve head is suitable for the valve type. In addition, the warranty conditions of the product, after-sales support services and customer reviews should also be taken into consideration. Heating systems are available from all stores selling products, and you can ask for help from the staff to get the right product for you.

What is Thermostatic Valve Head?

The head refers to the temperature adjustment knob on the valve. Thanks to this head, the degree of the valve can be easily adjusted. Also, in some models, this head may include sensors that measure the room temperature. The liquid sensor can be found inside the plastic valve head. To install the valve head, you must first check the connection points. Then place the head on the valve and turn it clockwise. You must make sure that the cap fits correctly and that you tighten it well. The head must be fitted on top of the valve and cannot be screwed directly onto the pipes or valve. Care should be taken when installing the head and professional help should be sought if necessary.

Thermostatic Valve Connection

As mentioned above, a thermostatic valve is used to control the temperature within a heating system. You can install it easily by following the steps below, or you can also seek the help of an expert to make sure that the valve is installed correctly.

Necessary Materials:

  • Thermostatic Valve
  • Adjustment Switch
  • Faucet Wrench
  • Clamp Wrench
  • Teflon Tape
  • Towel or Cloth
  1. The first step is to remove the old valve. To remove the old valve, unscrew the valve using the tap wrench. When removing the valve, make sure that the installation is switched off.
  2. You also need to measure the diameter of the pipe where the valve will be placed. To make sure that the valve is the right size, the diameter of the pipe and the diameter of the valve should be compared.
  3. The connection points of the valve must be the same size as the connections on the pipes. If the ports are different sizes, adapters can be used to match them.
  4. Before connecting the valve, the water system must be completely shut off. It may be necessary to drain the water from the pipe to completely drain the water in the area where the valve is to be installed. Apply several turns of Teflon tape over the valve thread. This will seal the valve.
  5. Then it is necessary to clean the valve seat. To do this, use a cloth or towel. Remove all debris and dirt.
  6. Suitable gaskets are placed on the connection points of the valve. Make sure that the gaskets are the right size and are tightly fitted.
  7. The connection points of the valve are screwed tightly to the pipes. Using the clamp wrench, tighten the thermostatic valve. Make sure that the valve connection is tight. In this step, make sure that the pipes are placed in the correct direction.

The adjustment knob and cover of the valve are installed. The adjustment knob is used to adjust the temperature. The cover protects the mechanisms inside the valve. How to use the adjustment switch is specified in the user manual of thermostatic valves.
The connection points are checked to ensure that the connections of the valve are tightly fitted. The water system is turned on again and the valve is checked for operation.

It may be better to have an expert in plumbing work make the connection. If done incorrectly, this can cause serious water leakage problems and damage.

KAS Thermostatic Valve

KAS is a Turkish brand that produces high quality and durable thermostatic valves. KAS thermostatic valves are made of high-quality materials, so the temperature settings are made precisely. In addition, these devices save energy and offer a comfortable living space. Valve groups offered for sale within KAS are as follows:

  1. Compact Ventilated Thermostatic Valve: Manufactured in accordance with EN 215 standards, the operating temperature is 120 °C and the operating pressure is PN 10.
  2. Corner Thermostatic Radiator Valve: When the environment reaches the set temperature, the valve pushes the pin on it, preventing the radiator from closing and emitting unnecessary heat.
  3. Angle Thermostatic Radiator Valve: ½” Pex Connection and ½” There are pipe connection types and 15°C fixing can be made.
  4. Straight Thermostatic Radiator Valve: Available in three types including 1/2″- 16×2 Pex-B Connection.

KAS has been making your life easier since 1970 with its sanitary and heating systems products produced with quality and expert workmanship. On all the issues you want to consult; You can send an e-mail to info@kas.com.tr or call 0 216 311 35 45 for information.

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Made in Turkey

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First Class Material
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