PPR Pipe – PN 16

94.02.02020 mmPPR Pipe – PN 16
94.02.02525 mmPPR Pipe – PN 16
94.02.03232 mmPPR Pipe – PN 16
94.02.04040 mmPPR Pipe – PN 16
94.02.05050 mmPPR Pipe – PN 16
94.02.06363 mmPPR Pipe – PN 16
94.02.07575 mmPPR Pipe – PN 16
94.02.09090 mmPPR Pipe – PN 16
94.02.110110 mmPPR Pipe – PN 16


PPR Pipe PN 16 Product

In accordance with its areas of application, KAS PPR piping systems is designed for continuous temperatures of 0°C to 90°C, and short-term peak temperatures of up to 100°C with a service life of 50 years. Therefore, KAS is the perfect solution for all types of chilled and heating water networks.

KAS PPR pipes is also very light in weight which is a big advantage for installation and handling and its fusion welding guarantees perfect seal therefore prevents leakage. Chemical components of PPR plastic pipe materials prevent from any bacterial growth which makes KAS highly hygienic and non-toxic.

Made in Turkey

Made in Turkey

First Class Material
First Class Material
High Technology
High Technology