What is the PPR Pipe? Where the PPR Pipes is used?

What is the PPR Pipe?

PPR – C is abbreviation of “polypropylene random copolymer”
Alright, what is the PPR ? The convertible Turkish version is “Polipropilen Rastgele Kopolimer”. Today, briefly, expressed as PPR that is irreplaceable solution against cold galvanized pipe for all hot system, and one the advantageous indoor key for plastic pipe industry with easy installation, hygienic, brilliant and smooth inner surface and lightweight. The PPRC Pipe and fittings are produced with high quality raw material.

what is the PPR
The raw material of PPR is separated into 3 groups according to heat, pressure and durability for chemicals. These are Type-1(polypropylene homo polymer), Type-2(polypropylene block copolymer) and Type-3 (Polypropylene Random copolymer). Type-3 is more performers against physical and chemical than Type-1 and Type-2.

KAS company is a wholesaler of products produced with PPR raw materials such as PPRC pipes and fittings produced in Turkey.

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Where the PPR Pipe and Fittings is used?

The characteristic role of raw material on pipe industry is high resistance on heat and chemicals. The raw material of PPRC is essential key for hot and cold water system on PPR Pipe and fittings. The monomer of PPR raw material creates random chain and takes under protection. And it is deny to production of any biological material on PPR Pipe and fittings. Moreover, it can be color and provides feature on protect odor and taste on fluid. With the favorable pressure and heat, the lifetime of PPR Pipe and fittings may be more than 50 year.

Main Feature of PPR Pipe System

1- With 20 °C and 25 ATM pressure, 50 year lifetime.
2- It is suitable among. 20 ° C and +95 ° C (freezing point of fluid in insulation must be considered)
3- It is durable due to these reasons.
4- High resistance to chemical substances.
5- Brilliant and smooth inner surface
6- The color, odor and taste of water do not change.
7- Provides heat and sound insulation.
8-There is no diameter twist on fittings. This provides maximum performance.
9- Up to 70% savings on installation and installation
10-Environmentally friendly

Made in Turkey

Made in Turkey

First Class Material
First Class Material
High Technology
High Technology