PPR Pipe Cutter and Welding Set

94.00.001Welding Set
94.00.002Pipe Cutter


1. Get welding machines and suitable welding sockets ready. Sockets should cleaned before assembly.
2. Turn on the welding machine by setting it to 260°C. The thermostat light turns off when it reaches 260°C, at wihich point you can start welding.
3. Be careful to have the welding surfaces of pipes and fittings clean. If needed, the surfaces should be cleaned with alcohol and dried with a clean cloth.
4. Pipes should be cut to appropriate measurement and vertical to the pipes axis.
5. The height of the pipe’s welding area should be equal to the depth of the welding and should be marked. Longer length can cause smaller radius accumulation, shorter length can cause space and less welding area.
6. The pipe and fittings inserted into the welding socket should not turn.
7. The heating time should be calculated according to the table at the bottom.
8. Pipe and fittings should be heated at the same time. At the end of heating process, they should be rapidly removed from the socket at the same time and connected along the same axis pushing into each other without turning.
9. After connecting wait for the assembly to cool.

Made in Turkey

Made in Turkey

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First Class Material
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