Thermostatic Insert

13.60.021Compact Thermostatic Insert
13.60.023Compact Thermostatic Insert (For Aluminium)
13.60.024Compact Thermostatic Insert (For Aluminium)
13.60.025Compact Thermostatic Insert (For Aluminium)

Compact Thermostatic Insert Installation and Operating Instruction

1- Make sure there is no damage on the product may occur during transport and shipping. Before assembly do not unpack the product in order to prevent from the external effects.
2- Clean all kinds of contaminants before assembly.
3- Make sure that the thread to be connected to the insert is suitable.
4- Install the insert with the appropriate tool from the hexagon side.
5- Do not paint the insert, do not expose the insert with abrasive chemicals.
6- Do not open or close with any other tool.
7- The flow ranges for presetting can be set simply with appropriate tool that will not make deformation.
8- Only experienced technicians are permitted to adjust the flow ranges.
9- The selected value can be read off over the insert.

Made in Turkey

Made in Turkey

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First Class Material
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High Technology