Water Ball Valve with PPR Connection

08.09.731Water Ball Valve with PPR Connection


1- Do not unpack the valve until installation to prevent falling of any unwanted substance that may affect the working of
2- Take measures against any possible damage that may occur during transport and shipment.
3- Clean away every unwanted substance in your system before installation.
4- Valve should be off position while installing.
5- While installing, grab the valve by the appropriate tool from the across flats where you’ll install it.
6- During installation do not use excessive adhesive or any unsuitable substance.
7- Use the valve fully open or fully closed position.
8- Do not paint the valve. Do not expose the valve with abbrasive chemicals.
9- Do not use any other tools for opening or closing the valve and do not remove the handle.
10- In case of any damage or disorder, valve should be changed by authorities.
11- Complying with the installation and usage instruction is compulsory. Otherwise, the product will be out of guarantee.
12- Do not forget to get the document of guarantee. This document is valid only with the related bill.

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